Information for Parents, Students, Staff and Community about Fern Ridge Schools emergency School Closures.

FRSD families and students.  Welcome to the FRSD Emergency Closure Information page.  Information for categories can be found in the Navigation menu and the main menu on the mobile theme.

Beginning tomorrow, every family in the District should receive a phone call from a FRSD staff member.  Please take a minute to look over this page, and the supplemental resources if you have an opportunity to do so, before that call.

The supplemental learning resources link is now ready to go.  Printable packet information will be ready by Wednesday, April 1st.  Going forward, both the supplemental information (available now) and the printable packet information will be updated every Wednesday beginning April 8th.

We look forward to continuing to provide this support, however we will be learning along side you as we undertake this work.  If you have suggestions for the site, or general questions, please contact the school.