We will continue to update information here as we receive it.  In addition, please feel free to email or call your teacher.

(Added 4/4/20) The fees for the AP exams are still the same. Students will need to pay the full amount of their exam(s) by Thursday, April 23rd. Please contact Julie Bothel, EHS Bookkeeper, with questions regarding your AP exam balance.

Parents and students can access the AP Coronavirus Update, Course Review Schedule (for every Wednesday only), Youtube channel, AP Course and Exam pages and EHS teacher websites below, without a login password.  If an instructor has set up an AP classroom and opened up FRQ/DBQ questions and/or multiple choice tests and quizzes, students can log in to the AP classroom using their AP login at the bottom link.

AP Coronavirus Update:

Wednesdays AP Course Review Schedule:
AP Youtube Channel:

AP Course and Exam pages:

AP Teacher Websites at EHS:
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AP US History:

AP Classroom:

New links that came out today (4/3/20)

Webinar on the AP Exam

AP Exam Schedule

On-demand lessons

AP Exam Security

AP Assistance with Technology Challenges