Below is updated information.  Please keep in mind that as we have seen over the past few days, things change rapidly.  The district will continue to put out information here, through Superintendent Carpenter Facebook, and through the use of our phone dialer system.

  • The Governor has ordered schools from Monday March 16th through Tuesday, March 31st, resuming Wednesday, April 1st.
  • In Fern Ridge we are going a step further and closing today, Friday, March 13th.  The primary reasons include:
    • Staffing shortages for us to operate effectively
    • To support the concept of social distancing immediately, rather than waiting.
  • All FRSD staff will report to work today, Friday, March 13th.  Schools and classrooms will be open for anyone that needs to come in and get anything they left in their classrooms, lockers, e.g. textbooks, personal items, etc…
  • We will be working with our food service company to explore any opportunity we can to continue to provide services next week.   More info on that coming.
  • When schools are closed, all school activities are cancelled and any outside organizations using the facilities are cancelled as well.


One Response to Fern Ridge closed for today, Friday the 13th-through Tuesday, March 31st.

  • Good for you for taking the necessary, proactive measures to protect our community. I have long appreciated your leadership

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Sack Lunch/Breakfast Free to Anyone 18 Years or Younger

Fern Ridge Schools are closed by order of Governor Kate Brown through April 28, 2020


FRSD is providing free meals (sack lunch & breakfast) to anyone 18 years or younger at the following locations in our community:


VES Parking Lot:  Drive through from 11:00-12:30


There are 13 bus routes for meal delivery with a few stops per route.  The stops/routes are listed here.


If you cannot make it to one of these locations and need meals delivered to your house please contact your school office by 8:00 AM of the day you need them delivered and let us know how many kids need a meal, your address and a phone number where you can be reached.


The more folks that can make it to one of the many stops we have, the better.  However, we understand not everyone has this ability.


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