At the February 16, 2016, FRSD board meeting, the school board approved the creation of an exploratory committee to research and gather data regarding a K – 2, 3 – 5 reconfiguration of the elementary schools. If the FRSD ever went to this model, one school would house grades K – 2 and the other school would house grades 3 – 5. The purpose for considering a reconfiguration is to see whether or not it would better serve students and families. The pros and cons of this model are currently being discussed. The committee was formed with administrators, teachers and classified employees from both Elmira Elementary and Veneta Elementary. This committee has met three times and had excellent discussions. We will be expanding this discussion to the buildings’ Site Councils in the coming weeks. The community will be invited to learn information and give their opinion prior to any recommendation to the school board. The committee members are: Elmira Elementary: Mari Jones, Alisa Johnson, Cynthia Olsen, Pam Zellers. Veneta Elementary: Mirka Chen, Mike Guill, Cortnie Peeler, Donna Jones. Administrators: Gary Carpenter and Karen McKenzie (both housed at Elmira High School). The committee hopes to make a recommendation to the School Board to either not pursue this configuration or to plan to consider it for the Fall of 2017.

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