Due to the the district’s current situation, that of having the highest number of staff and students out as a result of COVID, the board has decided to hold their January meeting virtually.  It is still the plan to return to an in-person option as soon as possible, hopefully in February (we will always maintain a virtual option going forward so that more parents and community members have an opportunity to attend).

The agenda and notice for this (and all) board meetings can be found here.

The good news is that in December, the board adopted a new policy that allows for community members to submit comment virtually, in the same manner they would if we were in person.  The policy can be found HERE, and the administrative rule can be found HERE.  The administrative rule has a form (on page 2) that must be submitted by 1:00 PM the day of the board meeting in order to be included in the public comment portion of that meeting.  Any forms submitted after that deadline will be added to the next board meeting.  When submitting comment virtually, it is important to fill out the form completely and include the attendee name or phone number you will “join” the meeting under so that you can be “pulled in” to the virtual webinar to make your comment.

If a community member would like to submit comment and have it read for them (due to not being available at that time, or a lack of technology), that is a possibility as well.  Simply note that in the form and submit the comment you would like read, as identified on the form.  Please refer any questions to Michelle Smith at msmith@fernridge.k12.or.us

Comments must be kept to three minutes (we will have a timer), and 30 minutes will be allocated to each board meeting for public comment.

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