Mr. Johnson and "Sully" in an automotive shopMr. David Johnson, an EHS teacher has been selected as our September 2022 employee of the month.  It is well-deserved recognition for the work that Mr. Johnson has done with the district and students since 2007.

Originally, Mr. Johnson worked in the maintenance and grounds department.  This work is critical to the operations of our district, with folks working in these positions year-round to ensure our campuses are safe, clean, and operating.

In the 2015-2016 year, Mr. Johnson moved from the maintenance department and obtained a teaching license for high school Career & Technical Education courses.

Mr. Johnson has been married for 42 years to his wife, Lori.  He tells us, “I had no idea marriage could be this good (better every day).  Together they have 5 children.

He tells us that his first love, however, is his truck.  A 1955 1st series Chevy Suburban/Carryall that his dad bought when Mr. Johnson was just 2 years old.  “I love to drive, and I have put about a million miles on “Sully.”

I don’t know how she got her name, but she’s always been Sully to me.  She’s getting freshened up in the Auto Shop class right now, getting ready for many more miles in my upcoming retirement.

In his free time, Mr. Johnson tells us he loves being outdoors to golf, hunt (actually, he calls this “sight-seeing”), fishing, long-boarding, biking, and of course, working with his hands.

He likes old country music (Hank Williams NOT Jr), Merle Haggard, and Bob Wills, leisure reading (Louis L’Amour makes that easy and as old as I am, I can re-read them and only occasionally say to myself “Oh yeah…I remember that now”).

And finally, “I dislike 1,000 words when 50 would suffice; come on, we get the point.”

His favorite thing about his job is seeing students make positive changes in their lives.  “I start my work day by preparing myself spiritually and praying for all my students.”  Looking at my students and seeing that one that is like I was and knowing there is hope for him or her.  I arrive early and make sure the shops are ready for the students and the jobs they will be doing.  Most days that I lecture will include several stories that bring the subjects to life.  I think my students would say that “story time” is my favorite thing about my job.  I give them stories about my life that hopefully will help them in their future.  I believe it’s my responsibility to prepare them for their future.



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