The new guidance around social distancing and changes to the Ready School Safe Learners guidance has taken some time to work through and problem solve.  Below is a description of our current plan/goals, along with some additional information on this topic.

All of our staff are in full agreement that the best thing for our students is to get them all into classrooms, everyday, all day.  Unfortunately, the social distancing restrictions in place regarding proximity to adults, passing in halls, cohorting, and maintaining 6 feet while eating meals have us approaching this slowly. We are doing our best to ensure that we DO NOT find ourselves having to backtrack due to a potential outbreak and return to hybrid learning or even Comprehensive Distance Learning.   If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact your building Principal.

Kinder and 1st Grade Students:  Beginning April 20th, all of these students will return to a 4 day a week model (Tuesday-Friday).

2nd – 5th Grade Students:  Beginning tomorrow, teachers will begin to identify 5 students per classroom that are MOST in need of additional in-person instruction.  The families of these students will be contacted (the goal is by the end of the day Monday, April 12th) to offer this opportunity.  It is not required.  If a particular family, based on their situation, does NOT want to return 4 days a week, that is fine.  In that case, we will just move down the list of students.  IF OUR RETURN OF K-1 GOES WELL, WE WILL BE REASSESSING IN A FEW WEEKS, AND LOOK TO BRING BACK ALL 2ND AND 3RD GRADERS FOUR DAYS A WEEK.

6th-8th Grade Students:  At FRMS, similar to grades 2-5, we will be expanding to bring in 15 more students per grade level 4 days a week (an additional 45 students).  FRMS staff will be reaching out to you before Monday the 20th to offer this opportunity to the parents of our students most in need of additional in-person instruction. If you or your student are not interested in this opportunity, just let us know when contacted.

9th-12th Grade Students:  At EHS, the model is exactly the same as at FRMS.  15 students per grade level (about 60) will be contacted about moving to a 4 day a week model.

What will it look like for 2nd – 12th grade students that return 4 days a week, but whose peers have not all returned to 4 days.  It will look different at each level, stay tuned for more detailed information that will be shared on their school website.  If you have specific additional questions, do not hesitate to contact the building principal.

Transportation:  We hope to get the names of returning  students to First Student by the end of the day Monday so that they can begin the work of adjusting route pick-up and drop-off times.  As soon as updates/changes are made, we will get this information out.

Food Service:  This plan will require adjustments in our food service plan.  There WILL be an opportunity at the K-8 level for single breakfasts to be picked up and taken home each day for any student that attends all 4 days of the week.

OPTIONS Program Students:  This change MAY have some of our K-1 OPTIONS families considering a return to their home school.  We would ask these parents to make this decision by Wednesday, April 14th.  By that date, please make the decision to either remain in OPTIONS for the remainder of the 2021 school year OR notify both the OPTIONS Program and the school that you would like to return 4 days a week.  A reminder, this is just for Kindergarten and 1st grade students for now.

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