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FRSD students and families,

Late Thursday, ODE put out new guidance on the topic of masks in certain situations (such as being outside).  You can read it (HERE).

The FRSD has taken that guidance, along with feedback from  staff, parents and the school board, and will be altering some guidance for the last month of the school year.  Below is that guidance.


AM Arrival Time Prior:  Staff and students needed masks on any time on campus


PM Dismissal Time Prior:  Staff and students needed masks on any time on campus


School Board Meetings Prior:  Meet in person at D.O., streamed on Facebook, open zoom meeting for anyone to attend, comments received VIA email to be read into the record, no in-person public visitors, all board meeting participants wear masks

New:  Meet in person in EES Library, NOT streamed on Facebook, open zoom meeting for anyone to attend, comments will continue to be received via email to be read into the record, in-person visitors allowed, in person comments allowed at appropriate time on the agenda, all meeting participants and visitors will continue to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status.

Indoor Athletics Prior:  Everyone, fans, athletes, contest management staff all wore masks—all the time

New:  Athletes that are actively competing, as well as “on-court/mat” officials that have verified vaccination status, can compete/officiate without masks.  Athletes and coaches on the sideline, fans, and other game management personnel must wear masks, regardless of vaccination status. For wrestling, and other sports where wearing a mask could be a hazard or is not feasible, thee are some differences.  If you have questions, speak to the coach who will have the most up to date information.

Outdoor Athletics Prior:  Everyone, fans, athletes, contest management staff all work masks—all the time.

New:  Students, staff, volunteers, and spectators are not required to wear face coverings at outdoor sports events, regardless of vaccination status. Until additional updates are provided, all previous physical distancing and capacity restrictions still apply.

Athletics at “away” contests FRSD Students, athletes, coaches, and fans will follow the protocols at the site we are visiting.
Outside School Instruction/recess Prior:  Masks worn by all students and staff, all the time.

New:  There are some times, when wearing a mask outside is “optional” for staff and students.  Those include:  Recess, PE classes, or other instructional classes held outdoors. Social Distancing to avoid being a “close contact” is key.  The definition of a close contact is being within 6’ of an infected person for 15 minutes.

Staff when no students are present Prior:  Masks worn all the time

New:  For staff for whom we have “verified vaccination status,” mask wearing is optional when students are not on campus.

Graduation-other end of year ceremonies New:  Decisions on graduation and other end of year ceremonies will be finalized in the days/weeks to come, based on the county risk level and most current guidelines.

-Wearing a mask is a personal choice.  Students and staff are free to make a choice that depends on their circumstances.  If a parent would like their student to ALWAYS wear a mask at school, even in instances where it is allowable to not, please communicate that to your student.  At the K-5 level, if you have that request please share it with the classroom teacher and building principal.  School staff will do their best to remind your student of this.

-This document was made considering input from our teachers, classified staff, administrators, community and our FRSD school board.

-A “Fully vaccinated individual” means someone who has received both doses of a two-does COVID-19 vaccine, or one dose of a single dose vaccine and at least 14 days have passed since the final dose.

-We have 16 school days left!  Please continue to follow protocols, both in and out of school, to ensure our staff and students can remain with our current in-person learning instructional model.  —LAST UPDATED 5-23-21

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