EHS athletes and parents:  As has been the norm for the past 18 months, changes are coming at us rapidly.  However, we are confident we are prepared to implement all required safety protocols as we begin Fall Sports practices tomorrow, August 16th.  Below is a summary of how we will be operating.  Of course these are subject to change as we get new directives.  The new rule, that took effect August 13th, can be read here:  (OAR 333-019-1025)

OUTDOOR ATHLETICS:  When athletes are outside at practice, we will continue to promote social distancing as much as possible, masks will be optional.  When we have outdoor “contests/games” masks will be strongly recommended for fans that attend, but not required.  Social distancing around the field and in the grandstands is encouraged.

INDOOR ATHLETICS:  We have been given some leeway for athletics that occur after school, when athletes are inside.  Athletes that are actively “practicing or playing” will have the option to wear a mask or not.  When in team meetings (we will encourage outside team meetings when possible), on the sideline during a game, in the locker room, watching film etc…. masks will be required for athletes while inside.  In addition, for all fans and game personnel (clock runners, announcers, officials) masks are required regardless of vaccination status as long as the state-wide indoor mask mandate is in place.  Once lifted, we will re-evaluate this requirement.

OTHER SCHOOLS:  When traveling to other schools/districts, we will abide by all of their local decisions related to masking coaches, athletes and spectators.  Failure to follow the expectations set forth by FRSD, or when visiting other schools, may result in the loss of the opportunity to attend further events.

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