FRSD Students and Families:

We made good progress this weekend regarding planning for our Distance Learning framework.  Our goal is to have it ready to go by Monday, April 13th.  Below is some general information for you to consider in the days ahead as we prepare for this rollout.

  1.  WHAT IS REQUIRED?: As I have mentioned before, your level of engagement is entirely up to you, based on your student and personal circumstances.  For some, what we roll out will be a lot to take in, and may be too much to support.  If so, engage at the level you feel is appropriate for your family.  For others, you may wish you had more.  In those cases, reach out to your teachers, and they will work to support you and provide additional learning opportunities and supports.
  2. SENIORS: ODE is getting closer on the proposal for high school seniors.  I do expect it soon.  We are preparing for it and will be able to roll out what that looks like in Fern Ridge with a short turnaround.
  3. Distance Learning for K-8 students.  For at least the first 3 weeks, this will be ONLY through the website and printable weekly plans, lessons, and packets in English (Reading and Writing), Math, and Physical Activity.
  4. Distance Learning for H.S. students. For high school students, this will be through an individual google classroom for various classes/subjects.  All information will also be printable from the website
  5. TEACHER OFFICE HOURS: Teachers will begin to maintain regular office hours to receive and respond to emails and phone calls from home daily from 8 AM-4 PM.  Many will respond and communicate before and after that, as well, if it works better for your families.  They will respond within 24 hours, often much sooner.
  6. TECH SURVEY-DEVICES FOR HS. STUDENTS: We are in the process of conducting a “home technology” survey of our high school students at this time.  Our goal is to have in place by Friday, April 18th, a plan for high school students to sign out a Chromebook for home use…maybe earlier.
  7. PRINTABLE PACKETS: These can/will be accessed one of 3 ways.
    1. Pick up from the school.  The first day they will be available is Monday of each week, although you could pick up any day.  IT IS A HUGE HELP FOR THOSE THAT CAN PICK THESE UP FROM THE SCHOOL
    2. We will mail them to you.
    3. In some cases, we can deliver to your door, either through buses or staff vehicles.
  8. ANSWER KEYS: As a standard, we will not be sending home “answer keys.”  However, if you would like a specific answer key for a subject, please work with the individual teacher and or building principal and we will email or mail  you one.
  9. TEXTBOOKS:  At the high school and middle school level, we are still working on a textbook distribution model.  For elementary students, while the physical Language Arts “Journeys” textbook isn’t needed for work at home (as we can send home the printed pages, and you can access the textbook online)…Language Arts books WILL be available for pick-up at the school as well, beginning Monday, April 13th.  If you can’t make it to the school and want one delivered….we will make that happen as well.
  10. TURNING IN WORK:  For the immediate future, work completed will not be turned in.  However, we will be getting you a colored folder to collect/save the work.  In the coming days/weeks, we will establish a process to turn work in, so be sure and save anything that is completed.

That’s probably enough information for now.  Thank you for your continued patience and grace with district staff as we navigate through this. We have many folks working hard each and every day to provide meals for the community, daycare for essential workers, supplemental learning, and now distance learning.

Gary Carpenter, Jr.  Superintendent, FRSD 28J

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