FRSD Students and families,

Earlier today, Governor Kate Brown announced new metrics that specify when schools can return for in-person learning. The new metrics reflect updated research and CDC recommendations and are consistent with those being used by many other states which are successfully holding school in-person.  These metrics are more relaxed and will allow for in-person learning to resume sooner and for more students than was previously allowed.


Although Lane County’s COVID-19 case rate is still too high for us to welcome students back to school, because the standards have been eased, we are closer to reopening our schools. As you will see in the metrics, the elementary grades (with a focus on the primary grades) are prioritized. However, the county metrics have been relaxed for all grades, and the state positivity rate requirement has been eliminated. We will continue to monitor the local metrics and share information with our students and families as those metrics indicate the ability to resume in-person learning.  Once metrics allow, the transition will not happen overnight.  We will prepare and communicate with all of our families before beginning any transition to an in-person learning option for our students and families.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the district office, or your building administrator.

Gary E. Carpenter, Jr., Superintendent FRSD 28J

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